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Custody & Visitation

Child custody and visitation are two of the most contentious and emotional issues that you must deal with in a Family Court matter. In order to resolve these issues as quickly as possible and move on with your new life, you need the assistance of an experienced child custody attorney. The lawyers of Lair, Warner and Shay P.C., have spent decades serving as the effective divorce advocates clients need. We help you make decisions guided by logic and the best interests of your children, we work hard to make sure that you are treated fairly during the divorce process. Contact us by calling today to schedule an initial consultation.

In New York there are many different custody and visitation issues that can come up both during and after a divorce. We are able to assist with all of these situations, including:

  • Violations of orders: If your former spouse or mother/father of your child refuses to allow you visitation in violation of a court order, we can help you regain your ability to see your children. Similarly, if an ex-spouse does not pay child support, we can help you obtain the payments that you are entitled to.

  • Child relocation: Whether you are requesting relocation or trying to prevent your ex-spouse from relocating your children, it is vital to have an experienced attorney assist with this issue.

  • Grandparents' rights: In certain cases, grandparents can be granted either custody or visitation rights. These cases are exceptionally complex, and an attorney who is well versed in Divorce and Family Law is needed to make sure that grandparents comply with all of the necessary legal requirements.​​


No matter what issue is involved, we provide all of our clients with the personal service and dedicated attention that they deserve.

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